An Appreciation for Wildlife


Colorado has an incredible variety of precious wildlife animals. To name a few, there are bison, bighorn sheep, bears, bald eagles,bobcats, lynx, deer, elk, foxes, coyotes raccoon, beavers and so much more. The big blue skies expand over a vast geographical phenomenon that these wildlife animals call ‘home’. From the great Rocky Mountain peaks to the semi-arid plains, there is no doubt that Colorado has a wide array of wildlife animals. At the same time, there are a lot of raccoon removal denver companies.

In fact, wildlife enthusiasts enjoy the natural scenery the area offers. This remarkable beauty and wildlife within have stirred the passions of many to protect what is left. After the near extinctions of the bison and bald eagle, wildlife preservation and protection has become more critical than ever. When one species is completely exterminated, it threatens the ecological system. In other words, other species will suffer for it and thus, it changes the circle of life.

Wildlife enthusiasts and advocates tend to be animal lovers, veterinarians, fishermen, hunters, ecologists and environmentalists. Some enthusiasts are simply those that have compassion and appreciation for the world’s natural beauty and the wildlife’s natural habitat. Not only is wildlife protection and environmental preservation beneficial to the animals involved, but it’s also beneficial to the people. Many forget that we are involved in the ecological system- the circle of life- and that whatever happens in that circle also affects us.

Every March in the San Luis Valley of Colorado, in the town of Monte Vista, they host a wildlife viewing festival called the Monte Vista Crane Festival. Any wildlife lover and enthusiast should check it out for the spectacular views, sounds and appreciation of nature. What will they see? Over 20,000 Sandhill cranes that will start their great migration from the farmlands and wetlands to their summer abode and breeding grounds in the north. Amazingly, every year, these cranes prefer to claim Monte Vista as their winter home.

Sandhill cranesThe wildlife refuge offers visitors and admirers guided tours in the morning and evening hours and explain every detail of the Sandhill cranes’ yearly journey. The sights are breathtaking and truly bring each viewer to a greater appreciation of wildlife and nature.

Now that we have covered the details of wildlife appreciation and preservation, what happens when wildlife creatures invade domesticated homes and businesses? Have you ever been camping when a bear approached your camp site? How did you handle the danger? Have you ever caught a raccoon attacking your dog or setting up a home in your attic? How can these situations be handled in a humane way without harming you or the wildlife animal?